Friday, September 4, 2015

Linux Shell Collaboration

Just discovered kibitz today via my automated whatis login script and it's amazing.  According to the manpage it "allows two people to interact with one shell".  Well, my team gave it a shot today when doing some pair programming and it worked out fantastically.

For example, say I want to share a terminal with user "adam" to get his advice on editing the Apache config on host "sidewinder".  Once I and the user adam have a terminal session on sidwinder, I execute "kibitz adam".  Then Adam sees the following on his screen:

Message from jesse@sidewinder on pts/1 at 11:00 ...
Can we talk? Run: kibitz -3330

Then Adam acknowledges by typing "kibitz -3330" in his terminal.  After the acknowledgement, my side of the connection executes a new shell to share with Adam and from that point forward on we are both seeing the same terminal.

Kibitz is simple to use and it's a native utility on my Linux distributions.  Just bummed it took me this long to find it.  Linux keeps getting cooler and cooler...

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